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Welcome To The CNC Tooling Shop

The CNC Tooling Shop

The CNC Tooling Shop is dedicated to providing high quality CNC tooling at an affordable price. With many years of CNC machining and tooling experience, we are here to be a resource for CNC users everywhere.

You may recognize some of the tooling brands and that is by design. CNC machining is an important part of a manufacturing process and the tools used in this process should provide the best quality at the best price. Brands like LMT Onsrud, X-Edge, LMT Belin, Amana, Techniks, and Whiteside have been proving this year after year. These are brands that we are happy to attach our name to.

We also believe that using these tools properly is a very important piece of the equation. That’s where we come in. We will not only help you find the right tools but also help you determine the feed rate, spindle speed, direction of cut, number of passes, and more. Sometimes, extra testing is involved but we are happy to advise on how that can be done. This service comes with being our customer. We don’t charge any additional fees for phone support or on-site visits, when needed.

Mission Statement

“To provide high quality CNC tooling and support at an affordable price.”

When orders are placed they will be double checked to ensure no errors were made and customer follow up will take place during the same day (unless an order is made after hours). If products are available, which most are, they will be shipped the same day. If they are not available, a lead time will be provided.

Feel free to reach out for any assistance with our website or anything regarding CNC routing and knife cutting.

CNC Tooling Shop, a division of Specialty Machinery Inc.


Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (EST)

Phone: (616) 502-7277

Greg Smolka (Author)

CNC Tooling & Application Manager

Here to help with tooling recommendations (bits, knives, collets, tool holders, maintenance kits, torque stations, etc.) and cutting recommendations (feeds/speeds, tips/tricks, # of passes, etc.).

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