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Colex Compatible Knife Blades

Colex Compatible Knife Blades

Why pay more money for a knife blade on your Colex CNC machine than you have to? At CNC Tooling Shop, we offer Colex compatible knife blades at a lower cost and better quality.

Lately, Colex CNC machine users have been calling me because they can’t get their hands on the knives they need. We not only were able to supply them with the blades that they needed but we saved them money in the process.

Some materials being cut on Colex CNC machines include Corrugated Stock, Foam Board, Styrofoam, Foam Board, Honeycomb Board, Falcon Board, Vinyl, Magnet, PVC, PVC Sintra, Styrene, Foil, Coroplast, Card Stock, Xanita, Triple Wall, Fabric, Textile, and more. We have the blades to cut it all.

Here is a cheat sheet to reference your Colex CNC knife blade part number:

Colex Part NumberOur Part Number (Link)Knife HolderDescription
T00360XZ0050T001433.5mm Fabric Blade
T00420XZ0020T0012614.3mm Oscillating Blade
T00421XZ0021T0012617.2mm Oscillating Blade
T00423XZ0023T0012622mm Oscillating Blade
T00425XZ0028T0012626mm Oscillating Blade
T00428XZ0029T0012631mm Oscillating Blade
T00312XZ0010T001204.8mm Double Edge Blade
T00313XZ0011T001204.8mm Double Edge Blade
T00330XK0330T0013919mm Single Edge Blade
T00335XK0335T001396.5mm Single Edge Blade
T00340XK0340T0014019mm V-Cut Blade
Colex Compatible Knife Blades

Feel free to take 15% off your first order with coupon code “FIRST15”. If you have any questions or need a recommendation, please call me (Greg) at (616) 502-7277 or email me at

Greg Smolka (Author)

CNC Tooling & Application Manager

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